Welcome to Woolly Wombat

Australian Artisan Handmade felted wool slippers.

Australian made

In Perth, WA


100% pure Australian & New Zealand wool


Earth-conscious; biodegradable


Made by me locally with love ❤️


Soft slippers perfect for tired adult feet and tiny toes

Toxin free

No chemicals used just wool 🐑 & 🧼 soap


Cosy and breathable

Odour resistant

Naturally odour resistant



& 100% instagramable


Your choice! You choose all the elements of your handmade slippers to suit the wearer's personality

Each slipper is totally custom made by hand.

You choose your preferred style and size, as well as wool, eyelet and shoelace colour [where applicable].

If you have a vision, I am more than happy to chat with you on how it can be achieved.

Contact me to collaborate on a special, Australian made and totally unique custom felted wool slipper order.

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