Packaging, we need to talk

Did you know much of the plastic we were recycling was being shipped to China?

China recalibrated their processes and no longer takes the world’s soft plastic to recycle, which is fair enough. However many municipalities are not set up for an alternative soft plastic recycling option, meaning much of the plastic that used to be recycled, now goes to landfill.

This, and the absurdity that is single use plastic [being the plastic we use once and then it is thrown away like plastic straws or fruit and vegetable bags from the supermarket], has lead me to focus on:

a) using NO plastic in making and sending Woolly Wombat felt baby shoes and,

b) where this is totally unavoidable, reusing plastic that would have otherwise been sent to landfill anyway.

For example, wool felting techniques use plastic bubble wrap. For this I only use bubble wrap I have in my house already from items previously received in the post. I re-use the bubble wrap I have time and time again. 

When sending Woolly Wombat shoes out into the world, I do not want to shift the burden of non-recyclable plastic onto you. Kind of like straws in a cafe. As a customer I don’t want to use a single use plastic straw and try hard to remember to ask to not have one. However, it would be so much more effective if the cafe considered their single use plastic use and banned straws all together.

Therefore, my promise as a business is to use minimal packaging and no plastic, unless completely unavoidable, to send the woollen felt baby shoes to your door.

To do this Woolly Wombat shoes are packaged in recyclable paper cardboard boxes and sent to you in compostable shipping bags* with lots of love ♥️ and warm fuzzy feel good vibes.

🙏 please recycle, reuse and compost where you can.

Together we can help maintain a happier earth.

xx Sharn

*note: this is sometimes not possible for rural and international shipping, when unfortunately and sadly I may have to resort to plastic shipping bags


though I haven’t had to yet…