Bushfire Appeal

Just like many of you I cannot start the year doing what I love with Woolly Wombat AND loving wombats without acknowledging what is happening in my second homeland Australia. I am feeling all the feelings and just like many I have no words only actions.

I have personally donated to @wildlifevictoria who help fire affected wildlife and shelters and carers all over Victoria. Please feel free to donate if you can, but I totally understand not everyone is in a position to do so and/or have their own preferred charities.

I have also donating some pre-made baby and lady shoes and postage to Sophie’s @curiousjoeclothing fundraising auction she is running.

100% of the proceeds from Sophie’s auction go directly to the SALVOs through a go fund me page so that [not that anyone is thinking this] you get the tax deduction on the donation.

Also at the end of this week I have included a custom made pair of ladies shoes into the Love Australian Handmade Red Cross appeal. All proceeds (minus processing fee) go to Red Cross Australia


I hope my little contributions go some way to helping injured, sick, displaced, tired wildlife and animals.

All the tears.

xx Sharn