Felted shoe sole options

I offer a few different sole choices in my ladies wool felted shoes.

When offering sole choices my criteria include:

  • Suitable as a sole – It has to provide some non-slip, if possible some squish and be hard wearing.
  • Environmental consideration – There is too much waste in the world and I would rather not create more. I therefore try and offer more earth friendly choices.
  • I can attach by hand – and you can too with minimal tools and slow stitching.

My sole choices include:

Painted on natural rubber latex sole – strictly for dry indoor use only.
This sole option is not recommenced AND should not be used for outdoor use or on wet surfaces.

A lot of the European felted slipper makers offer this sole option. I buy the rubber latex locally and paint it on.

Environmentally, the natural rubber will have pretty well have rubbed off, to a degree, by the end of the slippers life. At this stage the shoes can be composted OR I highly recommend stitching another sole at this stage and giving them another life (notes on this below). Please feel free to contact me for instructions for how you may do this.

Repurposed Neoprene – for indoor use.
The neoprene is hand cut and hand stitched onto the shoe. The sole colour will be subject to neoprene availability.

I cut old wetsuits that have already had a life out on the ocean and re-purpose and reuse them for the soles. 

My thinking/ethos is, while I do my best to find eco-friendly products in the first place (like Australian and NZ wool!), I think re-using and giving a second life to something that otherwise would be thrown away is beneficial too. So based on this the Neoprene sole is a contender for env friendly/low impact sole alternative.

Stitched on rubber sole for indoor and light outdoor use.
This sole is hand cut, glued and hand stitched onto the shoe.

At the end of the shoe’s life please remove the sole and either stitch on a new sole or compost the wool shoe. Please dispose of the rubber sole responsibly.

No sole – Always an option. Stitch on your own sole or leave as is. With no sole the shoes would be 100% wool and 100% compostable at the end of their life. They would have the same slip factor on tile or wood floors as thick socks. Please leave a note on your order or contact me if this option is what you would prefer.

xx Sharn