5 Minute Craft!

This is more like an un/non craft as there isn’t much to it. 

Humour me as I layout the steps.

  1. GATHER NATURES SUPPLIES – The funnest part! Gathering gum nuts and other magical things nature has to offer. Think small twigs for arms, seed pods for bodies, gum blossom caps for hats. Have fun looking at the magic that is the shape of a gum leaf. Exclaim ‘Oh wow!’ at the really cool gum nuts. Try and only bring back the ‘best’ ones you find. I dare you. It’s harder than you may think!
  2. MAKE ROUND [ish] WOOL BALLS – There are heaps of tutorials online for making a ball out of wool by wet felting or needle felting. It’s super simple and just requires you to roll wool in your hands – you’ll work it out! Make them as loose or as tight as you like. Don’t worry about crinkles and gaps these are a great result! The more the merrier. These little kinks make great facial expressions and give your gum nut creation more character! 
  3. ASSEMBLE! Get your glue gun out (every crafter has one right!?). Clue all the things together to make a little gum nut creation creature!
  4. ADD A FACE! Add a face however you can. Draw a face on. Needle felt in some wool. Use pins (be-careful for safety!). Buttons? Do it however you can.

MOST IMPORTANTLY: Get your craft on! Enjoy all the moments and have fun!

xx Sharn