Add a knitted cuff to your Woolly Wombat shoes

Something more can always be added to every pair of Woolly Wombat shoes. It may be some simple stitches or elaborate embroidery, laces, ribbon, eyelets, sparkles, buttons, trim the list is as long as your imagination or craft supply.

Please don’t let how you receive your Woolly Wombat shoes limit you from adding to your shoes.

One thing you could add to your lady or baby shoes is a knitted cuff.

My mum gave me the following recipe (my mum would have been a professional knitter if she wasn’t a nurse for 49years). It’s super easy you just need to know knit stitch and have a little time.


  • A tiny bit of knitting knowledge, or get someone to help you.
  • Whatever wool you have on hand (that’s what I do 😉).
  • Knitting needles. Follow the needle requirements on the packet (I’m a jump straight in/ not a swatch knitter kinda gal). 


  1. Cast on however many stitches you want for the width of your band (I did ten stitches).
  2. Knit -as in knit, no purl!- two little scarfs on the same needles at the same time. H0t Tip! : Use the same ball of wool! To find the other end of the ball pull out the middle.
  3. Once your two ‘scarfs’ get to the desired cuff length, cast off. You now have two cuffs in a stretchy rib knit all ready to stitch one onto each of your shoes! 
  4. Join the top and bottom of each scarf together to itself (not to each other!) to make a cuff.
  5. Stitch on one cuff to one shoe at a time. Pin the bottom edge of the cuff to the back of the opening of the shoe. Gage where half way up the cuff would be and pin the bottom edge at half way to the front or halfway around the opening of the shoe.
  6. Stitch cuff to shoe. You may need to punch holes through the felt to make a hole to stitch through the shoe and then stitch into the wool of the cuff.
  7. Finish stitching each cuff to each shoe and then you will be compete and have EXTRA toasty feet!
  8. Send me a photo if you do it 📸😆 I would LOVE to see!

xx Sharn