Have you got some fluffs of wool that you have always thought, what should I do with this? Or wanted to try a new very practical craft?

How about making a magical pair of wool felted slippers?

I say magical because every pair of felted slippers you make by hand has their own unique magic that shows through in the process and will surprise and delight you every time.

I have poured my wool loving heart into making a comprehensive and detailed, yet simple and easy to follow STEP-BY-STEP instruction PDF tutorial to take the mystery out of slipper making.

It is packed full of all my knowledge over SIX achievable and easy to follow stages, with over 150 coloured photos, extra hot tips, PLUS BONUS Material.

With it you can using what you already have on hand at home + a little felting magic and go from fluffs of wool to a fully completed wearable pair of felted wool slippers.

It includes detailed instruction on equipment needed, resist template, wool shrinkage, wool layout, fulling, felting, cutting and shaping.

BONUS material includes how to:

  • Stitch on a sole
  • Add a knitted cuff
  • Make a swatch
  • As well as basics of why wool felts

It is SUPER comprehensive and I wish I had it when I was starting out as it would have saved me so much time and I would have achieved great slipper results straight away.

For a limited time I am offering the tutorial at $5 off –  Usually $25 you can grab it for $19. Find it here: Magical Felted Wool Slipper Tutorial.

Please send me a picture of your creation once completed. I would love, LOVE, love to see them! 

xx Sharn