About me

Hello 👋 welcome to Woolly Wombat.

I, Sharn, make the shoes.

My little guys eat, crush and part-time model them.

The husband complains about all the “mess” 🙄

Woolly Wombat is a passion project combining all the things I love 💗

🙌 My love of Handmade.
In a world where everything is mass-produced in off shore factories I love anything beautifully homemade. No two handmade pieces can be exactly alike.

I make each and every pair of Woolly Wombat felted wool shoes by hand from my home in Perth, Western Australia. A lot of time and love goes into the making, and every Woolly Wombat shoe is unique and special with its own story to tell.

🐑 My Love of Australian and New Zealand wool.
I am originally from New Zealand and am OBSESSED with beautiful 100% pure Australian and New Zealand wool.

A soft, natural, sustainable, renewable resource. Gosh what does wool not do? and Australia and New Zealand make some of the best wool in the world!

🦘My love of ethical and Australian made.
It is increasingly hard to find genuine or unique Australian products to gift for special occasions. This and the fact that mass produced products may not be ethically made with suitable conditions for factory workers, or abide to an eco-friendly lifecycle process, makes my tummy hurt.

I choose to support Australian industry, ethical pay and local people and business. I use wool from Australia and my homeland of New Zealand. Some of my wool is even sourced straight from the farm, supporting farmers directly.

♻️ My love of eco-conscious, natural, earth loving products.
Not only is wool an amazing biodegradable product + sustainable resource, but I also make my shoes with an eco-friendly ethos. No harsh chemicals are used to make Woolly Wombat shoes. I literally make each pair of shoes with pure soap and water + a lot of work.

🎁 I also use minimal compostable or reusable packaging to send shoe out into the world you. Read my Packaging, we need to talk post. I also try to use minimal plastic in my processes including mostly reusing plastic.

🌆 My love of cities
I am a town planner, or professional lover of cities, ‘by trade’. This is why my baby shoe styles are named after Australia’s capital cities.

👼 My love of babies and giving back.
What is it all for if I am not giving back? A portion of the proceeds from Woolly Wombat will be gifted to charities personal and dear to my heart ♥️♥️. 

♥️ LOVE ♥️ ♥️ Love is the foundation of, up front to, and at the core of Woolly Wombat.

May you love Woolly Wombat felted wool shoes as much as I love making them for you and your little wombats.♥️

xx Sharn (and E)

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