Custom Made Ladies Wool Felted Slippers


Close you eyes for a moment and imagine warm honey being drizzled over you brain 🍯

Mmmmmmmmm relaxing right?

Now imagine getting home from a long day of work, kicking off your hard shoes, and the same feeling as you slip into your super cosy 100% wool slippers custom made just for you.

Bliss found.


Find your bliss with a pair of custom Australian artisan handmade 100% wool felted ladies slippers.

Made with only natural fibres (wool!), as you wear your natural handmade custom slippers the wool breathes to keep you comfortable while your feet mould into the shoes and they truely become yours.

Unlike the European and Nepal felted wool slipper my style is a thick bottom and thinner top.

A blissful colourful dream to wear. As unique and special as the person wearing them.

When customising your ladies house shoes you can choose:

Insole wool colour – One colour. Give me an idea of what colour you would like on the inside. I generally have most colours in my stash and should be able to accomodate most requests for colour. A specific tone etc may be harder to accomodate. Please feel free to contact me with your query. 

Outside colours – Tell me what colour combinations you prefer and I will see what I can do. For example I have had requests for ‘bright’, ‘sunset’, ‘marine’, ‘forest’, ‘autumn’ colours that I have used as colour inspiration for the outside.

Size – Please read fit and size notes here. Generally the fit will be a little ‘relaxed’ with room in the toe area. As you wear the slippers the felt will stretch a little and mould to your feet to truly become yours. Size down if you would like a tighter fit.
Additionally, they can be tight in the opening. As no two feet are the same and the slippers do not have laces, higher foot or arches etc may need a little notch cut into the felt opening to slide in your foot contact me or add a note to your order if you think you would need this.

♥️ 35 European
♥️ 36 European
♥️ 37 European
♥️ 38 European
♥️ 39 European
♥️ 40 European
♥️ 41 European
♥️ 42 European

Sole (please read information below)
♥️ Natural latex rubber – Painted on – Strictly for dry indoor use only – $99
♥️ Rubber sole – hand stitched – very limited outdoor use possible – $119

rubber sole and waxed thread available separately if you would rather stitch the sole on yourself.

Each slipper is handmade and take several days to complete. Due to the intensively handmade nature of the custom made slippers please allow 2 – 3 weeks for me to make your slippers. Postage to you is an additional 3-7 days in Australia depending on your location. Please allow for this when ordering.

Like you, each pair of ladies slippers are unique and have their own look and personality. Due to the handmade nature of the wool felted slippers there will be slight differences between the two slippers in a pair which makes them as special as the person wearing them.

Shipping included on orders over $70. To activate please select ‘free shipping’ option at checkout. Otherwise, from my heart to yours, thank you so much for your extra support you amazing person.