Needle and Thread bundle


Needle and thread bundle includes:
6m, 8m OR 10m of thick waxed/nylon thread
a sharp straight needle.

This bundle can be used to stitch the rubber sole available below to shoes/slippers.

Thread is available in the colours of (refer to photo): BLACK, MULTICOLOUR, BEIGE or WHITE
Please leave a note at checkout with the colour(s) you would prefer.

How much thread you will need depends on the stitch you are going to use and how close, deep and loose your stitching is.

As a very general rule of thumb you may need approximately:

🖤  Spaced out simple Straight short stitch – 2-3m of thread per shoe/slipper.
🖤  Spaced out simple Straight long stitch or Blanket Stitch – 3m+ of thread per shoe/slipper.
🖤  Close simple Straight stitch or close Blanket Stitch – 4m+ of thread per shoe/slipper.

Please buy additional thread if you think you will need it – it is better to have more than to not have enough.