Rubber sole


Stitch your own rubber sole to felted, knitted, crochet or other slippers/house shoes or give your slippers new life with a new sole.

The listing is for a pair of rubber soles in your colour choice: Beige, Black, Orange.

The rubber soles are one large size. You can then cut the sole down to desired dimensions and shape.

Size approximately: 32.5cm in length x 12.5cm (at widest part)/9.5cm (at heel) and 2.5mm thick.

The rubber on the soles is soft and flexible meaning the comfort of your slipper or shoe is not lost. Instead the durability of your slippers / shoes is enhanced and you can wear your slippers more places including potentially outdoor wear.

Skill wise it is very simple to stitch a pair of soles onto slippers/shoes. Only some time is needed, and maybe a little patience too.

I will provide stitching instructions with purchase to help you out.

A sharp needle is essential. An awl or small drill to pre-make holes are helpful, though not required with these soles as a needle can puncture the rubber and be pulled through.

I highly recommend waxed thread for the stitching which I additionally offer at here. How much you will need depends on the stitch you are going to use and how close, deep and loose your stitching is. See the product link – waxed thread.