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Cute little Australian marsupial native to keep you company at your desk while you work or to hold your pins in your craft room (if you are so lucky).

100% Australian made by me! in sunny Perth, Australia.

I make each wombat by hand from 100% locally sourced wool and the craft of needle felting.

Each Woolly Wombat comes out so differently and with its own unique character each time I make one.

This collection of Woolly Wombats are a variety of different sizes.

Wombat sizes:

  • Teeny Weeny Wombat <5cm Approximately
    1. Weston 2. William 3. Waverly 4. Wren 7. Wendy 8. Winter 9. Willow
  • Little Wombat <6cm Approximately
    5. Warren 6. Waylon 10. Willa 11. Wally 12. Webber 13. Wellington 14. Weather 15. Willis
  • Medium Wombat <8cm Approximately
    16. Wilma
  • Large Wombat <10cm Approximately

Too delicate to be a toy.

True-blue Australian wombats are made from 100% Australian wool sourced from local family farms.

  • Core wool – sourced from an Organic farm in Victoria, Australia
  • Outer wool – the brown wool on the outside of the wombat is a natural sheep colour. The wool for this wombat came from a sheep named Cleo 🙂 Cleo lives on a family farm in rural Western Australia.

Any questions or comments please contact me.

Due to different computer monitors (e.g. models, settings, colour, panel type, screen glare, etc), the colour shown may not precisely reflect the actual colour of the item received, but hopefully it will be very close!