Shoe size

Humans and their feet come in all sorts of different lengths and sizes.

It is best to measure the human’s foot you are buying a pair of shoes for, but I get it, sometimes you just don’t know i.e. the baby isn’t born yet or you’re in between sizes. If this is the case chat to me via email or read the notes below.

Each shoe is handmade. Therefore the fit will be different between shoes, even within a pair. Generally the fit would be true to size, if not a little ‘relaxed’.

Ladies shoes

♥️ 35 European – US/AU 5-5.5
♥️ 36 European – US/AU 6
♥️ 37 European – US/AU 6.5
♥️ 38 European – US/AU 7-7.5
♥️ 39 European – US/AU 8-8.5
♥️ 40 European – US/AU 9
♥️ 41 European – US/AU 9.5-10
♥️ 42 European – US/AU 11

As you wear your shoes (slippers) they will stretch a little and mould to your feet to truly become yours.

The ladies shoes come in three different sole choices. While limited outdoor wear may be possible the ladies shoes are recommended for dry indoor use only.

My ladies shoes are made on medium width European shoe lasts. I am happy to discuss wide or extra wide foot widths and sizing, but I am sorry I may not be able to accomodate these requests at this time.

If you are unsure of foot side please measure your foot using the instructions here or I am more than happy to discuss.

Baby shoes

Please measure baby’s foot, from the tip of their big toe to their heel, and order accordingly.

My advice would be to leave a little wiggle/growing room and size up where you are unsure. Contact me if you would like to to discuss shoe sizes.

Sizes six month and above also have natural rubber painted on the sole to provide non-slip for the little movers and shakers. Contact me if you would prefer not to have a painted rubber sole.

In terms of wear the baby shoes are fine 100% wool and wear similar to a knitted bootie. While the larger sizes have a painted on rubber sole it is recommended the shoes (slippers) are used in dry environments and for strictly indoor use only.

Woolly Wombat baby felted shoes come in the following sizes:

  • Newborn 7.5cm insole – this size is also suitable for some large dolls
  • 0 – 3 months 8.5cm insole
  • 3 – 9 months 10cm insole + natural rubber soles
  • 6 – 12 months 11cm insole + natural rubber soles
  • 9 – 15 months 12cm insole + natural rubber soles
  • 12-18 months 13cm insole + natural rubber soles


  1. The age range is indicative only. It is best to measure your baby’s foot size to ensure the best fitting pair of felted baby shoes.
  2. Sizes 6 – 9 month and above have natural latex rubber soles to provide non-slip for the little movers and shakers.